Diyarbakırlı Ekrem Ergün İlkokulu Biga,Çanakkale / TURKEY



Full legal name (National Language)     Diyarbakırlı Ekrem Ergün İlkokulu

Full legal name (Latin characters)           Diyarbakirli Ekrem Ergun ilkokulu

Address :                                               İstiklal Cad. No:280, Biga/Çanakkale

Country :                                               Turkey

Website :                                     

Telephone :                                          +90 286 3162540

Diyarbakırlı Ekrem Ergün İlkokulu is a primary school with 747 students in Biga that’s a semi-rural town of Çanakkale.  Our school has 28 classrooms (including nursery, primary and special needs’ classes), a library, a music lab, game corners and a kitchen in two buildings of a large garden. A director, two assistant directors and 36 high-qualified teachers work here to increase our school’s success and reputation.  As a result of this, it has been one of the most desired schools by the parents in our province.

Our school’s mission is to grow individuals who are self-confident, innovative and can adopt the global values, policy of life-long learning, and support the improvement of humanity. Our schools’ vision is to be a nation-wide brand in educational activities.

Our school’s policy of hygiene and health conditions was awarded by The Ministery of Health and The Governorship with the ‘’White Flag’’ certificate that makes the school a role-model. The enviromental activities and campaigns which are mostly made by 5-6 year old students at our kindergarden supported our school to succeed. ”The Best School Management” and ”The Cleanest School” are the other national awards of our school.

Extracurricular, social, sporty, artistic, cultural and educational activities such as folk dances, musical instruments courses and family-education have an important value for us. All the students are involved in 13 clubs of interests which will help them get ready for their further lives.

The objective of all activities undertaken in our school is to provide a safe and secure environment for all the students including disadvantaged-learners (potential early school-leavers) of our school. The aim of our educational activities is to equip the students with  the  knowledge and skills to build personal qualities needed to face the challenges of life. To prepare them to be able to build coexistence with all communities in our multi-ethnic country, and for this purpose it requires full cooperation of all stakeholders involved in this process.