Istituto Comprensivo N.2 di Cento

Address :                                               Via Prato fiorito 78 Cento (FE)

Country :                                               Italy

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Telephone :                                          +39 0516832752

IC2 Pascoli is a Comprehensive School in Cento, province of Ferrara, in Emilia -Romagna Region. IC2 has more than 800 students, 39 classrooms, including kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, in 5 school buildings: three kindergarten ( Nuvole, Penzale and Giovannina), two primary schools (Penzale and Corporeno) and secondary school (Corporeno). Three types of school, each characterized by a specific educational and professional identity.

There are about 100 teachers they are involved in developing a vertical curriculum from three to fourteen year school itinerary.The teaching is oriented to the quality of learning of each student and not to a linear sequence of the subject’s content.

Our Comprehensive Institute intends to safeguard horizontality, but to enhance it also the verticality and continuity between the various school orders that make it up.

To adhere to the territorial reality to offer a service that responds to the concrete needs of pupils with a view to interchange, collaboration and responsibility shared. This presupposes that schools and families move in the same direction to promote it growth of children and young people and provide them with a solid foundation for future life in our society.

Our Institute wants to retrace the way of recovery of important values ​​such as solidarity, mutual help, support, respect for others, civil cohabitation, with a view to openness and comparison with different cultures, and on this basis develop the entire educational  path during the years of compulsory schooling, so as to accompany the children in their growth up to evolutionary phase more problematic represented by preadolescence.

It also intends to offer each opportunities to promote and develop the talents and attitudes of pupils to excellence and, providing every support and recovery in the less linear paths of children or young people they need not be abandoned, but to be accompanied on the way of personal and cognitive maturation.

 The educational offer of the Institute recognizes and enhances the centrality of the person, guaranteeing the right to study, equal opportunities educational success, respecting the time and learning styles of each, combating socio-cultural inequalities and territorial, trying to prevent and recover the abandonment and early school leaving. It provides to each student adequate opportunities to develop their potential, promoting leisure education through the recovery of disadvantages, the prevention of discomfort and the optimization of the heritage of personal attitudes also according to future choices; is also aimed at to educate to the sense of individual and collective responsibility and to transmit the principles of the Italian Constitution and European values. Our training offer is aimed at the acquisition by the students of key citizenship skills such as learning to learn, design, communicate, collaborate and participate; act autonomously and responsibly, solve problems.

The kindergarten has a school time from 8 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.Primary school has two school time offers: a school time of 29 hours or 40 hours a week (from 8.10am – 8.30am to 4.10pm – 4.30pm).the middle school has two school time offers:from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 13, or from Monday to Friday with two afternoon returns. Curricular and extracurricular activity:social, sporty, artistic, cultural and educational activities such as musical instruments courses, singing and family-education have an important value for us. to create simple computer programs or interactive electronic objects, reading animation projects, chess project starting from kindergarten up to secondary.