Osnovno Uchilishte Professor Ivan Batakliev, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

Professor Ivan Batakliev Lower Secondary School is a school in the town of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. It is situated in the center of the town. It was established in 1897 as a Girls High School and is one of the oldest schools both in the town and the country. In 1989 it was declared an architectural monument. The school has got rich history and traditions, outstanding reputation and undisputed authority. Over the years its high educational, artistic and sports achievements have been proven through the realization in real life of its students.
At present 657 students, aged 7 to 14, study at the school. They are divided in two shifts and 25 classes. 5% of the students are from different origins – Turks, Syrians,Jews, Israelis, Roma. A director, two assistant directors and 45 highly-qualified and experienced teachers work in the school – teachers who have proven their professionalism and who use a great deal of ambition and creativity in the process of teaching. In order to democratize the school management we have also established a Student Council. It includes students from all classes. These students help in the organization of the extracurricular activities, school celebrations, charity campaigns, in the creation and realization of different projects. Active partner in the school life is the Parents’ Committee which was set up in 2007 registered as legal non-profit entity. Its main priorities are to support all school activities, to take part in the selection of textbooks, to cooperate in providing additional financial and material resources as well as to control their expedient spending, to assist in the realization of projects and the organization of different extracurricular activities. Every year the Parents’ Board awards students and teachers who have achieved high educational results. In 2016 a Public Council was established in our school as a public body to assist the development of the school and to ensure citizens’ control over its management. Its members are parents and a representative of the Municipality as the financial authority. This council has the right to approve the school strategy for development and the school curriculum plans, to give opinion on the projects and programs the school is working on as well as to offer policies and measures for improving the quality of the educational process. And last but not least since 2017/2018 academic year the school has been declared Innovative School by the Ministry of Education and Science.
The main objective of the teachers’ work and all school activities is to make school a desired territory for students, where they can experiment, do things in practice and take part in the teaching itself. Through the implementation of innovative teaching approaches and the effective teaching of the key competences of 21st century, the interaction between teachers and students is stronger and more motivating for high achievements. Every year our students take part and win prizes in different municipal, regional and national science, language and sports competitions.
As a result of the long-standing and effective work of generations of teachers striving for self-improvement and led by their ambition to educate individuals capable of creative and innovative thinking, students from Prof. Ivan Batakliev Lower Secondary School stand on key positions in the management of the town in the sphere of medicine, education, music and art.

School website: http://www.batakliev.org

Local coordinator: Mariya Bonova

Contacts: mariqbonova@yahoo.com