Date of the activity: 16.01.2018 – 22.02.2018

Number of participant: 60 pupils  from 2nd to 5th grade

Responsible person of the activity: Local coordinator dance instructor class teachers.

During break time, to ease the anxiety and aggression, a collective dance workshop was proposed to promote relaxation. Dance is movement and therefore motor activity, but dance is rhythm and therefore is an activity intimately linked to music.

The acquisition of motor skills through the practice of collective dances is particularly effective, as it is favored by a playful and pleasure situation within a musical situation.

Functional objective

Motor coordination:

General coordination


Segmental coordination (ability to use the lower and upper limbs, both independently and in relation to others).

Cognitive objective

                     Space-time organization

Rhythmic sense

Expressive and aesthetic sensitivity

Physiological enhancement

Sound and musical perception Music production

Relational objective

Socialization, cooperation and integration

Dynamic relationships

Self esteem

The workshop was an approach to the steps of Caribbean dances and songs where the rhythm becomes overwhelming. In the gym the students divided into teams of 20 each lined up behind their “training cone” which indicated the position to be held. At the beginning they were explained their steps without music, they tried them on the spot several times. Then they learned to combine singing with movements. They tried first individually and then in groups

Everyone had fun in the group show, everyone found their place and a bit of personal visibility but in an overall design. Even if the individual performance was not perfect in the movements, this contributed however to the realization of a meaningful and motivating whole.

The result has been the awakening of the taste to move, the pleasure of playing, the high motivation towards movement. A state of well-being perceived and not dormant in front of a television or a videogame.

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