SECOND ACTIVITY: Painting your favourite book character

Date of the activity: 15.1.2018 –9.2.2018

Number of participant: 19 + 21 pupils  from 4th grade

Responsible person of the activity: Local coordinator and primary class teachers.

Objective of the activity:

  • Give birth and cultivate in children the pleasure of reading
  • Educate the habit of listening and communicating with others
  • Enhance the experience of reading and personal imagination
  • Motivate to the conversation on common readings
  • Discover the visual language
  • Promote the emotional and emotional approach of the child to the book.
  • Provide the child with the necessary skills to achieve an active creative and constructive relationship with the book
  • Use form and color in their expressive symbolic meaning
  • To grasp and describe the denotative meaning of the visual message (illustration of photos, pictures).
  • To grasp and describe the connotative meaning of the visual message (illustration of photos, pictures).

In the library of the school the teacher has read aloud some books and the “listened” books are the most sought after ones, those that the pupils subsequently read independently. For this activity the students chose books to read from famous authors and then briefly told others about the plot of the book, trying to explain why they liked it, doing a sort of “advertising for the book”. With regard to the protagonist of the story, the students had to reveal their characteristics in a synthetic outline: physical appearance, personality, feelings, role. As regards the creative aspect of the activity, the realization of the favorite character, protagonist of the read book, was inspired by the fact that all the drawings would be hung from the ceiling of the school corridor, right in front of the library, to indicate the area dedicated to reading. The students chose to make the drawing of their character on a card, which also included the title of the book, almost like the cover. First they draw with a pencil and then they dedicated themselves to color. The technique that most of them used was the pop-up technique, and in any case everyone preferred to create a subject that “came out” of the card. They used tempera colors, pastels, cards and colored papers of different thickness and transparency. All the participants were very satisfied with the completed works.



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