Responsible person of the activity: parents’ community

School garden.


a) Promote Environmental Education in schools.

b) Achieve a better relationship with the environment.

c) To begin in the agricultural tasks of work in the orchard.

d) To know the cultivation techniques of ecological agriculture.


We will have in our project an approach that we will develop as an ongoing activity in which the different areas of the curriculum around the garden will be worked on.

It will be dedicated to the construction and operation of the orchard and little by little, the different subjects will find the orchard as a motivating support for their own activities.

The place chosen for the garden is a small inner courtyard of about 30 square meters, with good lighting and easy access to water. The only drawback is that we still need a lot of land.

The students of Castra have enjoyed a great day to learn with the work in our garden. To share these moments with the companions, gardening parents …

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